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study says ...

babies have innate understanding of social hierarchy and dominance. which means it ain't socially constructed.

Even as early as 10 months old, children seem to have concepts of social dominance and hierarchy, Danish researchers say in a study published in the journal Science. - "What we are arguing is that we have an innate concept of social dominance," said Lotte Thomsen, assistant professor of psychology at the University of Copenhagen and lead author of the study. "It’s hard to see how they [infants] could have learned to understand social hierarchies from scratch." - http://pagingdrgupta.blogs.cnn.com/2011/01/27/even-babies-understand-power/

sex bonus:

"A robust jealousy mechanism is activated in men and women by different types of cues -- those that threaten paternity in men and those that threaten abandonment in women," said Jaime Confer, the study's lead author and a PhD candidate in evolutionary psychology. - Men, they said, felt more threatened by a rival male because of paternity uncertainty, whereas they saw a female partner's homosexual affair as "an opportunity to mate with more than one woman simultaneously, satisfying men's greater desire for more partners." - http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/41297530/ns/health-sexual_health/

add friendship to the list ...

of genetically-mediated experiences.

Researchers found that choosing folks to hang around with — and not choosing others — can be linked to specific genes. That genetic link provides the beginnings of a scientific explanation for the elusive quality of “chemistry” among friends, explains lead author James Fowler, a professor of medical genetics and political science at the University of California, San Diego.

- http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/41083048/ns/health-behavior/

this is of absolutely critical importance

please read it. it explains a huge swath of human behavior and the mythos of the left (and how the right are, once again, more in touch with nature).

As oxytocin comes into sharper focus, its social radius of action turns out to have definite limits. The love and trust it promotes are not toward the world in general, just toward a person’s in-group. Oxytocin turns out to be the hormone of the clan, not of universal brotherhood. Psychologists trying to specify its role have now concluded it is the agent of ethnocentrism.

[ snip for details of the experiments - extremely well-designed ]

What does it mean that a chemical basis for ethnocentrism is embedded in the human brain? “In the ancestral environment it was very important for people to detect in others whether they had a long-term commitment to the group,” Dr. De Dreu said. “Ethnocentrism is a very basic part of humans, and it’s not something we can change by education. That doesn’t mean that the negative aspects of it should be taken for granted.”

- http://www.nytimes.com/2011/01/11/science/11hormone.html

[ this is why i have been saying for some years that social neuropsych of this kind would shed light on where ethnocentrism, etc. are rooted and that social constructionism is not an acceptable explanation. the consequences of this are enormous. imagine the billions upon billions wasted in academe on rigid, inorganic systems of politically correct thought trying desperately to show that it all came from social signals and capitalism. this explains, among other things, the phenomenon of couples newly in love taking an "us against the world" tack. ]

more details on our animality

Men tend to hate it when women cry—for reasons that they often have difficulty articulating. Now, new research suggests why - men may be biologically primed to react to a woman's tears. According to a new study, even a whiff of these tears can dramatically reduce men's testosterone levels and to a lesser extent, their sense of sexual arousal. With or without conscious awareness, women's crying can just turn men off.

- http://healthland.time.com/2011/01/06/the-crying-game-womens-tears-dial-down-testosterone/

hai guiz

What'd I miss? What's new in the world of gender, sex, and lulz?

(Whomever the mods are now, if necessary I can revamp my post to make it a little more topical. I've been gone from this community for something like two or three years now; just curious to see what, if anything, has happened since then.)
Female chimpanzees treat sticks and small logs as dolls by cuddling them, creating games and even putting them to bed, new research finds. - Since young male chimps were less inclined to play dollies, the authors say their study presents the first evidence of an animal species in the wild in which play differs between males and females. - "Our data fit with previous studies of humans and other primates to suggest that there is something innate that predisposes girls and boys to react differently to the same objects," co-author Sonya Kahlenberg of Bates College told Discovery News.

- http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/40753694/ns/technology_and_science-science/

Will you remember?

As the video says -- "I wont vote Republican because I have a memory..."


The mods can take it down if they see fit 

[chessdev]  Agreed!  These Democrats -- especially the Senate -- need to stop acting like a bunch of wussies....
 TELL PEOPLE what they've done... explain what would have happened if they hadn't done it...  and be proud of what they've
 gotten passed.

Still planning to not vote in November?

Seen on a friend's list

A partial list of Republican candidates running for House and Senate seats this year shows that at least 78 of them have professed to oppose abortion in all cases, including rape and incest.

Among the more obvious names on the list are Christine O'Donnell (DE), Rand Paul (KY), Michele Bachmann (MN) and Roy Blunt (MO), but because the list is incomplete, the total number of candidates backing a total abortion ban is likely higher (some say closer to 112). It also doesn't cover gubernatorial candidates or politicians running for myriad state/local seats.

How ironic that these "small government" hacks want a government big enough to supervise every uterus in the country.

Still planning to sit on the sidelines this November?


Who said it was about equality anyway?

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