March 20th, 2008

creepy dog

take her arms and hold her down hold her down hold her down hold her down...

Chick busted in Redmond for false rape accusation


Let's be honest about "rape" for a second: it's one of the only crimes I know of that's dependent entirely upon the word of the "victim." Physical evidence need not be evident. If she says it was unwanted sex, then it was rape, and the guy has to go to jail for a couple of years.

If she sleeps with her best friend's boyfriend because she's a jelis cunt and the next morning freaks out that she may lose her best friend, all she has to do is yell "rape" and the problem is solved.

The sex doesn't have to be violent. It doesn't have to be at gunpoint. It doesn't have to be screaming or kicking to get away. It just has to be unwanted for it to suddenly be rape.

Get real, ladies: a little bit of unwanted sex never hurt anyone. If a fat girl forced herself on me during my state of morning wood and got herself off, I'd feel pretty gross, but I wouldn't fucking accuse her of rape and proceed to cry for months on end. Having sex (even bad sex) is about as bad as getting a noogie. Noogies are generally unwanted. Are noogies rape as well?

Save your tears. You haven't been violated. You haven't been shattered. If you think one night of sex is some traumatic event that destroys your psyche, I have two words for you: DRAMA and QUEEN. You weren't raped, you just had sex. Get over yourself. Loosen up a little, or take responsibility for your cockteasing leopard print skirt and giant hoop earrings you whore.

As for those of you who were held down at gunpoint in an alley or whatever, and now have GRIDs: yes, you were raped. :'( for you.

(reposted with permission)

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moar fake raep