March 23rd, 2008

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Lolsistrata by B&H

hexennacht: We can has equality now?

anti_feminism: NO! mintogrubb: I had equity, but I eated it.

hexennacht: I has a plans. Until we can has equality, men no can has booty.

femjays: Ok.

kekekekekekeke: I go tells feminastys in af_offtopic


mintogrubb: Wut ru doin?

barkdust: I'm in ur fort, hoardin ur moneys.

mintogrubb: Geezers attack ok!

barkdust: Femjays water now!


mintogrubb: Oh noes!

geezers: We go sleepy now.

barkdust: Lol.

mintogrubb: We no can has moneys we no can has pay gap.


mengus: I can has secks now?

ovariancyst: Yes you can has secks!

mengus: In the butt?

ovariancyst: Yes buttsecks!

mengus: I r wants to be in ur butts!

ovariancyst: Lol psyche!

mengus: omg :(

hexennacht: LOL


anti_feminism: We has blue ballz!

hexennacht: We can has equality now?

anti_feminism: Ok!!!!!

femjays & feminastys: LOL

(no subject)

Hey anti_feminism, I heard this was the cutthroat part of the www and that you guys won't be offended by anything. I am glad to hear this because I just need to get a few things off my chest.

White men disgust me.

I will NEVER give birth to a white baby boy. I'd rather abort it. There is nothing more repulsive than a spoiled whiny misogynistic white male. I am so happy knowing that most of you here on anti_feminism will probably never be reproduced. You are lonely, boring, failures. You are worthless losers that just need GTFO from life. It is not hate though. I sincerely love you guys. You're cheaper than cable. I have 2 wonderful bf's and both are Caucasian and they both know their place. THEIR heads in between MY legs. I have no problem with you as individuals, I just cant stand the shit that you do as a group.

It pleases me greatly seeing many females rising here lately, I'm not talking about the pathetic misogynistic female apologists, the community's very own Anne Coulters. I am talking about the sisters putting it down, in your face. meleth, barkdust, armchairshrink, chiss, madra_liath, _stasha + all the "troll"s. I laugh everytime you guys get screwed over. When you are led to beg, like the dogs you are, because you use your pencil cocks instead of your heads.

Males, do I really need to remind you that your time is up? Make yourselves useful for a change, get in the fucking kitchen and make me that fucking sammish. And I'll reconsider whether or not you deserve a second post from me. Oh and btw, lol, I will NOT show tits. Not to you. You are not worth it. If you beg and beg and beg, I might show you my feet but that is all you are going to get.

I am bored right now. If anyone wants to add me I'm open to new friends. Dont bother adding me if you think I am being too rough. IMO you (men) are fucking less than dogs and deserve no respect at all. Before going anywhere near the cam, take off everything but your underwear and gag yourself with your used, semen-encrusted sock.

Ok? Good boy.